Interactive Travel Guide: Tour Bonaire (part 1/5)

Kaya Grandi 100 years ago

Bee Caribe is developing a new way to explore Bonaire. The tour guide is offered via an App on your Smartphone or Tablet. In the next 5 weeks, we will discuss each part of the interactive guide. Do you have a nice addition or suggestion: let us know and maybe you will earn one of the first copies.

Part 1: Lens to the past

You have already been introduced to augmented reality in the Island Escape Games. In the new travel guide it goes one step further. At various locations on Bonaire you will be able to conjure up an image of how it was here in the past. See how Breedestraat became Kaya Grandi. Buildings disappear and appear. Visit the WoWo discotheque of the past. Watch how Queen Juliana visits the island and discover the houses that are more than 100 years old.

But augmented reality offers even more, you can photograph yourself with celebrities from the past, or take a look on the set of 'Duel in the Deep' with Peter Faber and Rutger Hauer. See the internment camp from WWII.

Do you still have old photos or beautiful stories about a particular house or building? Feel free to contact us!

House interpretation in kaya grandi
Protestant church and backyard in Kralendijk, Bonaire
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