Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Top 5 per game

Below are published the best times of our island escape games. The wall of fame rankings are updated 2 times a week.

Divers Paradise

  1. Mystic Badgers: 2h 3m 2s
  2. Sjors (wannadive): 2h 3m 22s
  3. Andy (wannadive): 2h 4m 1s
  4. DolFine: 2h 11m 9s
  5. jokadadi: 2h 22m 10s

Rincon in times of Cholera

  1. Homies: 2h 3m 37s
  2. Bagus: 2h 11m 34s
  3. The Keesom Family: 2h 12m 16s
  4. team trankilo: 2h 13m 20s
  5. BonNed: 2h 17m 35s

Bonaire Expedition (1642)

  1. Girls only and Robin: 2h 45m 36s
  2. 60niners: 2h 55m 24s
  3. Team Turtle: 3h 20m 29s 
  4. Sam's Angel: 3h 21m 42s
  5. Ice Cold: 3h 31m 42s

The Secret of Calypso

  1. El Pepablos: 49m 39s
  2. Caribbean Buddies: 50m 24s
  3. The Dog Squat: 57m 15s
  4. Angs: 58m 8s
  5. Midnight Wolfs: 1h 9m 44s

The golden traitor

  1. The Bonnies: 11m 24s
  2. Drying box: 22m 04s
  3. Lipa: 36m 24s
  4. Ninja turtles: 36m 13s 
  5. BOBO: 37m 54s
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