Tour Bonaire's finest Street Art. Learn about our local street art, meet the artists and discover hidden art in special places. During the ride we will show you the best spots for Street Food. A great experience & a feast for all your senses! 

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The Street Art & Street Food Tour

On the electric scooters of Green Bikes
this experience is a blast!

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Street Art & Street Food tour

Bonaire has become a lot more colorful thanks to the Street Colors project, and with the arrival of more and more Street Food, there is a lot to discover on the culinary front as well.


Street Art

The tour is fully supported by an App on the smartphone. Many people know the murals in the middle of Kralendijk, such as Leilana and Dushi Bonaire in the Kaya Korsow.
What makes the App special is that you also get to see the unknown masterpieces, such as those of Marlène Dietrich or the Bonalisa.
The App gives artists a stage to tell their story, gives the details behind the artwork and shows with videos how it was made.
Read interviews and find out where the art is for sale. The Terramar Museum, where exhibitions of the artists take place, gives a 20% discount when showing the voucher in the App.


Street Food

Art not on an empty stomach! In addition to the Street Art, the App offers an array of Street Food options.
Along the route, you'll go from the local pastechi and Li (the local ice cream) to Mediterranean cuisine and beyond.
At some of the trucks, you'll even receive a discount when you show the App.


Zero emission

You ride the route on an electric Harley or scooter. This allows you to ride silently and without emissions along the most beautiful spots of the island.
You decide the pace of the route and where you want to eat.


Bee zoom
Street Art Tour - Shrimp Farm
Street Art Tour - Esmeralda Hotel
Street Food Stoked
Street Art Tour - On the Road
Street Food Kanti Awa
Street Art Tour - Marlene Dietrich 2
Street Food Sweeti Bakery
Street Art Tour - Marlene Dietrich
Esmeralda 5
Street Art Tour - Esmeralda Hotel 6
Street Art Tour - Esmeralda Hotel 3
Street Art Tour - Esmeralda Hotel 2
Street Food Pita Madre
Street Art Tour - Esmeralda Hotel 4
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Screenshot App 6
shrimp farm
Playground stoked
Kanti-Awa-Bonaire video
dietrich 2
Esmeralda 5
Esmeralda 6
Esmeralda 3
Esmeralda 2
pita madre1
Esmeralda 4
Screenshot App 1
Screenshot App 5
Screenshot App 6
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Step 1

Option 1: Would you like to do tour on an Electric scooter? Then order the tour through the site of GreenBikes. After ordering, you will immediately receive an email with information about the scooter.

Option 2: Would you like to do the tour by car or bicycle? Then order the tour with the green button below.

If possible: provide mobile internet (not a requirement)

Step 2

Make sure you have a charged phone and a charging cable for the road.

On the day of booking, go to GreenBikes to pick up the scooter.

Here you will receive instructions to put the App on your phone.

Step 3

Read the explanation in the App and follow the instructions

Make sure the following functions are enabled on the device: 

  1. Location/GPS
  2. Access to the camera and sound

You are ready for the start!

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