Team building (Strategy, knowledge and working together!)

$ 15,00

Ready for battle?

Make Kralendijk, Rincon or anywhere else your playground!
Which team will manage to collect exactly 100 coins?

Perfect for team building or an exciting competition!

Customisation possible for your organisation

Play from 2 to as many as 50 teams.

Duration approx. 1½ hours

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100 gold coins

Goal: Collect 100 coins

Setup: All teams use a smartphone with an App from Bee Caribe. In this App they see the map of Bonaire and locations with pots of coins. The value of the pots ranges from -8 to +10. To collect these coins, the teams must answer a question or complete a task.

Teams must determine a strategy to arrive exactly at 100 coins But as soon as they get an assignment wrong they will have to adjust their strategy. In addition, the teams have the ability to thwart each other (e.g. through bombs or superpowers) which forces them to play tactically and work together.

Chat function: In the App, teams can communicate with each other through a chat function, through this function the game leader can also guide teams or give directions.

Questions/Tasks: These range from knowledge questions, search assignments, puzzles, photo or audio assignment, etc. Input can be provided on themes or specific requirements.


Dutch, English

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