BONAI - The Bonaire Archaeological Institute

Bonaire Archaeological Institute

The Bonaire Archaeological Institute is an initiative that engages the local community, especially youth, in science and heritage. Established as a non-profit foundation with a focus on archaeology, the institute strives to promote education, research and preservation of Bonaire's cultural heritage.

Community involvement, especially among young people, demonstrates a commitment to cultivating a sense of ownership and pride regarding Bonaire's cultural heritage. This involvement ranges from participation in archaeological excavations to educational programs aimed at increasing awareness of the island's history. By engaging young people in science and heritage, the institute provides valuable learning experiences and the opportunity to become stewards of their cultural heritage. This can inspire future generations to pursue careers in fields such as archaeology, anthropology or conservation.

The institute plays an important role in documenting and preserving Bonaire's archaeological sites, artifacts and cultural traditions. This contributes to the island's identity and enriches our understanding of the past. As a non-profit foundation, the primary goal of the institute is not financial gain, but rather to further its mission. This may mean relying on donations, grants or volunteer efforts to support their activities.

The Bonaire Archaeological Institute makes a positive contribution to the island community by promoting education, scientific research and heritage preservation.

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