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The Golden Traitor

The Golden Traitor

Recently we have been working on a new Escape Game. This time we follow the true story of The Golden Traitor! In 1882 a ship sinks near Bonaire. On board was a cargo of coal for a plantation on Bonaire. Was there any betrayal?

Free Escape Game The Golden Traitor
The Golden Traitor

What is your reason for doing the Escape Game?

Do you want to try an Escape game? Do you want to be well prepared to complete one of the other Escape games in a top time? Do you want to know who and what the Golden Betrayer is? Are you in Kralendijk and do you want to do a fun activity quickly, all for free?

Whatever your/your reason: The Golden Traitor is ready for you! Apply for it on the website. Pay $0.00, you don't need a credit card or any other form of payment! Enter your email address and receive all information directly in your mailbox.

Most Island Escape Games require an internet connection but this game allows you to load at a WiFi point in advance and then start. Make sure you do this near the starting location if you want to set a fast time.

Introductory film

Would you like to get an idea of what awaits you during the Island Escape Games? Then click on the film below!

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