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island escape games Bonaire

Island Escape Games

Over the past period we have been working hard to update the Island Escape games with the latest gadgets and challenging routes across Bonaire. Below is an overview of the updates and changes. Also, an announcement of a new escape game: The Golden Traitor!

Divers Paradise

For example, the Divers Paradise routes feature new augmented reality commands and the route has been updated to make it easier to transition from the hiking to the driving route.

Rincon in times of Cholera

Rincon in Times of Cholera has also been updated. The route has been expanded with fun assignment puzzles and the walking tour has been slightly modified to allow you to better follow the main character from the story.

Expedition Bonaire (1642)

Expedition Bonaire (1642) has been renamed Escapetour. This is mainly to clarify the difference in duration and length. This tour takes an average of 3.5 hours. Would you like to make a long trip and learn everything about the salt of Bonaire, the manors, the WIC, Peter Stuyvesant or why Bonaire was so important to the Spanish and the Dutch? Then this tour is the ideal way to explore southern Bonaire!

Island Escape Games list


In addition to updating the games, work has also been done on the website. Starting this week, you will receive all the information and data you need to start the Island Escape game immediately after you order on the website. So there is no more waiting time, you can order and start immediately.

New game and travel guide!

The coming period will be even more fun with Bee Caribe as a new escape game will be launched: The Golden Traitor! And perhaps even more fun: the new escape game is completely FREE! The story takes you into the history of a mysterious image of a ship from the 19th century. Keep an eye on this website or the facebook page!

Ship in distress via Museum Kaap Skil

The travel guide is also taking shape. Soon you will hold all that Bonaire has to offer in your hand! The different tourist routes, beaches, dive sites, POIs, Augmented Reality routes, Escape Games and much more!

Do you have ideas for a game? Would you like to develop a game yourself but don't know how? Would you like to think about the next step for Bee Caribe? Get in touch soon!

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