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Compare 6 Escape Games from Bonaire

Table of Contents Compare 6 Escape Games of Bonaire In this blog you will read all about the Escape Games, what the difference is with an Escaperoom and how the

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The Golden Traitor

A free escape game is waiting for you!

The Golden Traitor Recently we have been working on a new Escape Game. This time we are following the true story of The Golden Traitor! In

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island escape games Bonaire

the Escape Games have been updated!

Island Escape Games Recently we have been working hard to update the Island Escape games with the latest gadgets and challenging routes across

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Blog post

The secret of Calypso

Bee Caribe is working on a new Island Escape Game especially for the whole family. Lisa and Henry find a mysterious map with the secret of

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Bonaire Archaeological Institute

BONAI - The Bonaire Archaeological Institute

The Bonaire Archaeological Institute is an initiative that engages the local community, especially youth, in science and heritage. Established as

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Fairmiles car rental


Fairmiles' rental cars are tough pickups and totally made for driving around the island. Bonaire's roads are different

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Sunwise Bonaire


For many guests of the island, Sunwise Bonaire has been the regular party to book vacation accommodations with for many years. For many

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