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  • Fun, a great adventure awaits you! Within 10 minutes you will receive an email with the instructions for the game and the app to download on your smartphone or tablet.

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Instructional video Dutch

Instructional video English


Each game has its own storyline and covers part of Bonaire's history. 

In all games, the goal is to find a hidden location as quickly as possible. You can find it by following a route. Along the way you can collect letters by solving tasks and puzzles. The collected letters eventually lead to the hidden location.

After booking a game, you will receive an email the instructions to put the App on your phone and the start location of the game:

  • When you are at the location launch the App and log in
  • Enter a nice team name and the number of team members and press Start.
  • The game has now started. You will see a blue dot on the map; this is you. Walk to an icon on the map and make sure you are within a short distance of the icon. The question/task will then automatically appear on the screen.
  • At the top right of the screen you will see the time still available.
  • The game ends when you find the exit.
  • If you complete the Island Escape Game within the time limit, your time will appear on the website (the duration is different for each game) If you don't make it within the target time, don't panic: you can continue playing for at least another 2 hours.

The game does not work well: 

  • For proper operation, we recommend using phone or tablet up to 3 years old
  • Make sure the phone is updated to the latest version
  • For optimal GPS, also turn on the WiFi function

Are you still experiencing a problem?

  • Then use a different phone. You can also switch phones during the game:
  1.  Get out of the game on the phone and close the App
  2. Log into another phone using the same credentials (if you don't have internet on this phone consider turning on a hotspot)
  3. Press start
  4. Do not enter anything but press: 'or resume with existing team'
  5. Continue the game

Yes, you need internet to download the App and at the start of the game. After that the App is loaded and almost no data is consumed but it works best if you leave mobile internet on.

You can e.g. download the app already at home or in your hotel via Wifi. If you do not have mobile internet, there is the possibility to buy a SIM card at Digicel or UTS (both in Kaya Grandi). 

If you lose connection along the way you won't notice much there. The map may not display all the details or some movies may not start. This has no major consequences for the game

  • You must have a vehicle (does not apply to "The Secret of Calypso...") 
  • You need at least a smartphone or tablet on which the app can be installed. In addition, at the beginning of Escape game you need an internet connection (Wifi or mobile) and GPS
  • Have a full battery on your phone, tablet or bring a charger for in the car
  • In addition, remember plenty of water and sunscreen
  • Wear shoes instead of flip-flops

Don't know which game to choose then maybe this explanation Blog will help

All Escape Games are available in Dutch and English. 

Yes, although part of the Island Escape Game is done on foot, you also need to have a means of transportation to travel between locations. A car is the easiest, but a scooter will do as well. 

*At Expedition Bonaire (1642) there are a number of questions that you can answer in the car along the way. Of course this is not possible on the scooter, but at this location it is always possible to stop safely at the side of the road

*The secret of Calypso is fully walking

You must be at least two people, because as a driver you cannot pay attention to the road and follow directions on your phone at the same time. In addition, it is recommended that the team not exceed 4 people. Are there more of you? Make groups and order multiple tickets. You can then choose different routes or start e.g. 5 minutes apart. 

Sure! In fact, it is a good exercise to work together. It is also possible to have the route customized for your organization. Contact us for the possibilities: info@beecaribe.com


In total, there are currently 6 different games. 

In addition, games for larger groups are available and Games customized for a special occasion.

Basically, you can start at any time of day, but our advice is not to do it at the hottest time of day or shortly before sunset

Unfortunately, Bonaire is not well equipped for people with walking difficulties. The route also goes over unpaved trails and locations with steps and uneven terrain.

For sure! You will see that there is still a lot to discover on this beautiful island!

General traffic rules always take precedence over the directions in the App.

All activities of the games and tours take place on public roads and in public spaces. The situation may be different than indicated in the App due to e.g. weather conditions, road connections or changed traffic situations.

If you cannot continue the route and there is no alternative available, cancel the game or tour and contact Bee Caribe. In consultation we will see if the game/tour can be continued at another time. If that is not possible you will receive an alternative game/tour or a refund of your purchase.

Bee Caribe assumes no liability for any damage to your vehicle due to poor roads, overhanging tasks or other conditions where a vehicle is damaged. If you find the conditions of the route unacceptable to continue the tour, please abort the tour and contact Bee Caribe

Bee Caribe assumes no liability for any personal injuries sustained during the game/tour. If during the itinerary you do not feel safe enough to continue the tour, please abort the tour and contact Bee Caribe

Is your question not in our FAQ? Check the site or contact us using the form.

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