The secret of calypso

Family game

Lisa and Henry are staying with Grandpa and Grandma on Bonaire. They find a mysterious map. It turns out to be the beginning of an exciting adventure. Scour the island in search of the secret in this outdoor escaperoom 

(Suitable for children ages 9 and up)

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Choose when to start

Logo Escape Tour white 1  The adventure takes place in Kralendijk

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Play on your own mobile or tablet with 3G/4G

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Play in a team of 2 to 4 people

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Playing time 1 to 1.5 hours

Logo Escape Tour white 1 only $34.95 per team

The story

Can you discover Calypso's secret "unseen"?

Lisa and Henry are staying with their grandparents in Bonaire. In the attic, they find a book by Jacques Cousteau. Grandpa tells them that Jacques Cousteau was an important explorer. He discovered much of the world underwater. He even invented the scuba tank that allows you to breathe underwater! Out of the book suddenly falls a mysterious map... "The secret of Calypso?" asks Henry. The map indicates that something is hidden in the Plaza Wilhelmina.

And this is where the game begins....

Escaperoom: Secret of Calypso treasure map

How does the outdoor Escaperoom work?

Playing games is easy, follow the steps here

Step 1

Order the game through the site. You will immediately receive an email with information about the game.


  1. Charged Smartphone or tablet with Internet (the App uses few MBs during the game)

Step 2

At home or at the hotel: 

Download the app as described in the email and make sure you are well prepared:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Sufficient water
  3. Knowledge of local traffic regulations

Invite your team members to an amazing outdoor Escaperoom!

Step 3

Go to the location described in the email. Launch the App, read the notes and enter a fun team name. 

Make sure the following features are enabled on the device: 

  1. Location/gps
  2. Wi-Fi and mobile data
  3. Access to the camera and sound

You are ready to go!

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