Divers paradise Bonaire

Follow Captain Don from his spearfishing hobby to his quest to protect the nature of the island. During Divers Paradise Bonaire you will discover the role of Bonaire during WWII. Do you know how to remove the harmful elements from Bonaire?

Divers paradise Island Escape game Bonaire  Choose when to start

Divers paradise Island Escape game Bonaire  You walk and drive (with your own car) 50/50 

Divers paradise Bonaire Island Escape game Bonaire  Play on your own mobile or tablet with 3G/4G

Divers paradise Bonaire Island Escape game Bonaire  Play in a team of 2 to 4 people

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Playing time 2.5 to 4 hours

Logo Escape Tour white 1 only $39.95 per team

The Story

Can you protect bonaire before it is too late?

It is August 1963. Carel Steensma, a former Dutch resistance fighter, is head of the KLM flying service on Curaçao and he is going on holiday to Bonaire. He would like to participate in the largest multi-day spearfishing competition in the Caribbean, organised by a certain Captain Don Stewart. Divers are bivouacked everywhere along the Playa coastline. A big box with the weapons is ready. At noon, everyone armed with spears disappears under water. Then the ocean turns red...a slaughter takes place on the reef.Before Captain Don's eyes, it turns black...

And this is where the game starts. You step into the footsteps of Captain Don. The first part of the game is a walking route, then you go by vehicle to the different locations.

By carrying out assignments and solving riddles and puzzles, you collect clues. These clues lead to a final location. To be in with a chance to win a place in the rankings, you have to find this final location as quickly as possible. 

How does the Island Escape game work?

Playing island escape games is easy, follow the steps here

Step 1

Order the game via the site. After ordering you will immediately receive an email with information about the game


  1. Opgeladen Smartphone of tablet met internet (de App gebruikt weinig MB’s tijdens de game)

Step 2

At home or in the hotel: 

Download the app as described in the mail and make sure you are well prepared:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Sufficient water
  3. Knowledge of local traffic regulations

Invite your team members for a great sightseeing tour 2.0!

Step 3

Go to the location described in the mail. Start the App, read the explanation and enter a nice team name. 

Make sure the following functions are enabled on the device: 

  1. Location/GPS
  2. Wi-Fi and mobile data
  3. Access to the camera and sound

You are ready for the start!

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