The golden traitor!

On June 28, 1882, a ship carrying a cargo of coal sank. The coal will never reach the Aloe plantation for which it was intended. But the Golden Traitor does.

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The story

a prince, a politician, a writer, Captain Don, an aircraft carrier and a forgotten queen....

The Memory of Liverpool is loaded with coal and on its way to Bonaire. The coal is intended for the aloe cooking plant on one of the plantations. Due to bad weather, it suffers shipwreck on Las Aves de Sotavento. The crew barely manages to reach Bonaire. But the captain returns a few days later to remove Holland's savior from the ship.... Was there treachery involved?


How does the free game work?

Playing games is easy, follow the steps here

Step 1

Order the game through the site. After ordering you will immediately receive an email with information about the game. Check this video for an impression

Step 2

Go to the start location in the mail and start the game.

No mobile internet? No problem: start the game from a location with WiFi e.g. at home, at the hotel, or at plaza Wilhelmina.

(Without mobile internet, not all images may load properly. This is less fun of course but not a hindrance to the game)

Step 3

Read the explanation in the App and enter a fun team name. 

Make sure the following features are enabled on the device: 

  1. Location/gps
  2. Access to the camera and sound

You are ready to go!

Free Escape Game The Golden Traitor
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