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Logo Escape Tour white 1 The most adventurous outdoor escape games

Logo Escape Tour white 1 2½ to 4 hours of fun in a battle against time

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Bonaire's history comes to life

Discover Outdoor Escape Games on Bonaire

Bonaire Sightseeing 2.0

Experience Bonaire's history and culture in a unique and exciting way with our historic Outdoor Escape Games! Our game is an immersive, live-action experience that takes you on a journey through the island's rich history as you solve puzzles and riddles to find hidden locations.

You and your team will have to explore the beautiful surroundings of Bonaire, use clues and hints to unravel a mystery from the island's past and find the hidden locations in time.

Our Outdoor Escape Games are designed around a historical period and important figures in Bonaire's history. It is perfect for families, friends and colleagues looking for a unique and exciting outdoor activity that combines teamwork and adventure.

Book your escape game experience today and discover Bonaire's history and culture in an exciting way!

Support for the Escape Game is entirely through an App on your Smartphone or tablet. You start the Escape Game at your convenience. The ticket remains valid for one year. All Escape Games are available in Dutch and English.

The games are suitable for ages 16 and up, and the family game is suitable for ages 9 and up.

Escape Games are already available from $34.95 - $44.95 per team!

Divers Paradise Bonaire

Divers Paradise
$39.95 per team

Flag language

Follow diving pioneer Captain Don from his spearfishing hobby to his quest to protect the island's nature. Discover the role of Bonaire during WWII. Do you know how to remove the harmful elements from Bonaire?

Escape Game: Rincon in times of Cholera

Rincon in times of cholera
$39.95 per team

Flag language

Join your team in the role of Captain de Jong and his fruit ship. 2021 was certainly not the first time that you had to go into quarantine on Bonaire. Will you help de Jongh not to go home empty-handed and to escape in time?

Escape game Expedition Bonaire 1642

Expedition Bonaire
$44.95 per team

Flag language

Note road closure: route closed until Dec. 5

Explore the south of Bonaire and infiltrate the Spanish expedition to conquer Curaçao and Bonaire. Why was Bonaire so important to the WIC and why do the Dutch get their salt so far from home? It's up to you to follow Ruy Fernández de Fuenmayor!

The Secret of Calypso

The Secret of Calypso (Family)
$34.95 per team

Flag language

Lisa and Henry are staying with Grandpa and Grandma on Bonaire. They find a mysterious map. It turns out to be the beginning of an exciting adventure. Search the island for the secret. 

Escape Games: Murder at Onima

Murder at Onima

this route is closed IN THE RAIN PERIOD (NOV-DEC) due to the poor condition of the roads
The Game is available only upon request and when in possession of a 4X4

Only $44.95 per team!

Follow Jacky as she solves centuries-old murder on plantation Onima. For this she has to go way back into history and Bonairean mythology. During this escapegame you will discover the history of the original people of Bonaire and the huge impact of the "discovery" by the Europeans.

Please note that some of the route is on bumpy dirt roads. So make sure you have a vehicle suitable for this such as a Pick-up, Jeep or 4×4.

This is the most challenging game of Bee Caribe. The level of the puzzles and tasks is higher than the other games. Are you up to the challenge?

Flag NL

Want to try an Island Escape Game for free?

The Golden Traitor

The Golden Traitor!

On 28 June 1882, a ship carrying a cargo of coal sank. The coal will never reach the Aloe plantation for which it was intended. But the Golden Betrayer does.

Find out how an Island Escape Game works by trying it out for free.

An escaperoom on Bonaire
but as a tour of the island

Are you up to the challenge?

Do you live on Bonaire or will you visit soon? Then there is no better way to get to know the island than with Bee Caribe. With various island escape games you will learn all about the culture and nature of Bonaire and you will visit places you have never been before.

Each Escape game covers a separate area and time period from Bonaire's rich history. Whether you love diving or are interested in the history of the salt, Rincon, WW2 or the WIC. It's all covered in one of these exciting Bonaire tours. You can do these in a quick time or at your own pace!

Escape games overview

Logo Escape Tour white 1 2½ to 5 hours to hidden treasures

Logo Escape Tour white 1  Street Art & Street Food

Logo Escape Tour white 1  The perfect tour to explore the island

Street Art Tour - Esmeralda Hotel 3

Street Art & Street Food Tour

Flag language

Go on a tour of Bonaire's most beautiful street art. Learn about our local street art, meet the artists and discover hidden art in special places. During your ride we will show you the best spots for Street Food. A great experience & a feast for your senses and eyes!


Tour Bonaire on electric Harley


Flag language

Explore different places on this amazing tour.
Take an electric Harley and go past the best kept secrets, highlights and hidden treasures. Stop along the way for lunch/drinks at local 'snacks'. You decide, we show you the way, using your own device.
Optional healthy lunch for a great day.

For example, you ride a cafecruiser electric Harley. This route is about 60 km and lets you see the island of Bonaire like never before!


Games from different locations, for teambuilding or tailor-made...

With the teambuilding games and online digital Escaperoom, Bee Caribe offers the most adventurous outdoor island escape games and options to face different challenges interactively and above all together. Turn your own environment into a playing field or play with family and friends from afar all over the world.

Online escape game

Online escape games

Do you enjoy Bonaire, but miss the game nights with friends and family?

Play this digital Escaperoom with family, friends or colleagues wherever you are in the world.

Teambuilding Bee Caribe


Have your own treasure hunt, sightseeing tour or company trip developed for your project.

Explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality to revive history

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